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As all companies consider 2050 targets, and achieving them, increasingly legislative, it is apparent that switching to renewable power is the quickest and most cost-effective way for most organisations to cut their carbon footprint.


With changes in government guidelines, switching to renewable power can quickly reduce the carbon footprint and inherent energy bills.  Companies can now set the renewable power they buy against their carbon reduction targets and, if generating their own renewable power, can offset this against the allowances they are required to buy under the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme.


These government incentives are encouraging large-scale energy consumers from all sectors to begin to switch to renewables, with evidence of very tangible improved energy efficiency across many sectors.


Helix50 can leverage its experience in working with suppliers, innovative young companies and commercial customers across many sectors in order to help you at whatever the point in the energy transformation journey you find yourself. We have tried and tested processes and procedures in assessing current energy efficiency and in designing tailor-made renewable solutions and funding options, often off-balance sheet that will help you meet carbon reduction targets.


Eco friendly measures really do save money with some companies targeting 100% renewable-powered businesses by 2030. Helix50 can help you achieve this.

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