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Energy Storage

Commercial Battery

Reduce your risk against costly power cuts and expensive grid power

Be protected and generate revenue from the smart grid

We help businesses to make the most of behind-the-meter energy storage. Batteries do more than just store excess power from renewable generation. Even without on-site generation, you can still be an effective smart grid player taking power from the grid when power is cheap and discharging to fuel your business when power is expensive. If you do have on-site renewables you can increase the value of your generation.

We can assess your operation and recommend the right size battery for your needs. We supply, install and can manage the ongoing maintenance of your battery. Funding is available.

Be protected and generate revenue from the smart grid


These are some of the core services commercial energy storage offers businesses:

  • Peak Shaving, avoid peak red band periods to reduce electricity bills 

  • Demand-Side Response, create a new revenue stream to create a strong ROI 

  • Charge Avoidance, avoid triad periods and reduce network charges such as DUoS & TNUoS 

  • Optimise Onsite Renewables, increase your generation’s value

Commercial Energy Storage


Protection against unplanned power cuts

Energy storage is a great solution for businesses who want to reduce the risk of expensive unplanned power cuts or protect critical sites (e.g. data centres, banks and telecom base stations) from unplanned outages, as commercial batteries now offer a cleantech on-site backup power supply that can take a site’s full load in milliseconds thereby acting as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Traditional methods of backup electricity, such as diesel gensets, can be expensive to maintain and operate, can sit for months on end being idle and when they are needed, they can be difficult and slow to start, noisy, and can produce noxious fumes that are bad for the environment and close-by workers. Battery energy storage doesn’t suffer from these issues.

Moving forward

Batteries are a big step forward in clean technology producing no fumes and are virtually silent. They are a highly engineered cutting-edge technology that offers a reliable way to protect your operation. Unlike gensets that can go for months not in use, your battery will be in daily use (providing grid and microgrid services) meaning you can rely on it to protect your operation whenever an unexpected power cut occurs.

Reduce your electricity bill and
generate a new income

Battery storage technology enables you to store electricity but that is just its function and not its value. Batteries allow you to become a flexible energy user and a smart grid player reducing electricity bills, increasing the value of any on-site generation and creating revenue through National Grid’s demand-side response (DSR) mechanisms.

For example, businesses can charge their battery from the grid during cheap electricity periods, when electricity is in low demand and at its cheapest (green band) and then amplify your stored electricity’s value by discharging the electricity to run your operation during peak electricity periods (red band), therefore avoiding paying for expensive electricity at peak times aka ‘peak shaving’. You can also take part in DSR schemes and export your stored electricity back to the grid when the kWh price is attractive to you i.e. during red band periods when the grid is under pressure.

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