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We understand that making any changes to existing energy policy is an increasing task for most organisations as they consider the implications of the government's carbon zero target for 2050. In reality, reviewing the increasing requirements of legislation and new renewable technology is a continual process and a journey on which most embark at different stages in their energy transformation evolution. Each company or institution is at a different starting point. Some are entirely prepared but need a reliable supplier. Some are not. Many feel the need for pragmatic advice based on experience. Most are apprehensive, faced with the myriad of choices, and, concerned about the cost of either starting this journey or continuing it. We have set up the consulting arm of Helix50 to address these issues. 


Our knowledge, experience and skill sets are both theoretical and practical. We work at both  strategic and tactical levels in reviewing and assessing specific technologies, programmes and equipment. We support the development of new technology but understand the practical issues of introducing new product as part of a wider solution into a fast-growing market. In the past, the company has provided guidance in many ways, across a number of sectors. Our experience is from a hands-on, holistic perspective having designed, installed and funded end-to-end large-scale enterprise-wide solutions as well as more tactical, smaller scale requirements for both large and small entities. 


We have good relationships with many manufacturers but remain agnostic as to how we assess renewable solutions. Sometimes there is a requirement to baseline current energy status, often aided by our power optimisation analytics (POA) and collaboratively develop a maturity path in order to achieve agreed objectives based on what can be realistically delivered given the organisational context, timescale and cost.


Helix50 is connected to and regularly uses green investment funds and works with a number of green ethical financial organisations for project funding which is often off-balance sheet, obviating the use of scarce working capital.


The Helix50 joint venture, (through JV partner Arcturus Technology Group) is registered under the Government HELGA Framework (RM3824 Heat Networks and Electricity Generation Assets (HELGA) framework), NHS, Local Authorities, Social Housing groups, MOD and Corporate organisations. 

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