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Energy Saving Solutions

Based on experience in designing often overarching tailored renewable energy solutions, we understand that when an organisation has either dated equipment that is too expensive to change in the short term or is part a longer term planned replacement programme, a way of providing immediate carbon reduction and running cost reduction would be highly desirable. 


Why not save up to 40% on deployment with energy saving equipment for which Helix50 will provide project funding through one of several green funding institutions with which we work and where the savings are greater than the cost. 


Our view is that any intervention that reduces carbon and cost is welcome. Helix50 employs a range of technologies and devices that deliver carbon and energy consumption reduction up to 40%. As these products are proven to have well-documented savings, we can supply, fit and fund with several project funding partners. The benefit of no upfront cost, carbon reduction, significant savings with full remote monitoring is an area we believe to be underplayed in today’s market. The rush towards holistic solutions, which often takes time to plan and deliver, tends to ignore the real and immediate impact of energy management and saving solutions. 


Helix50 has worked with a number of specially selected companies in designing and developing energy management and specific products that make an immediate difference when installed. In the main these products are easily retrofitted to existing equipment. The installation is simple and quick and the savings immediate. We have many case studies that illustrate the range of savings in different sectors and applications, but all are significant, recorded and part of observed customer trials.   


Helix50 is constantly reviewing new energy management equipment and technology. We are passionate about continuous improvement, working and acting as an incubator often for small, innovative companies and individuals that work assiduously in designing new concepts and products:



  • Advanced Thermostat & Control giving 30-40% savings. For installed AC and Refrigeration systems

  • Digital Boiler Optimisation (DBO) up to 20% savings. Applicable to large central heating boiler

  • You can save between 40-75% on energy costs when switching to LED lighting and introducing lighting controls

Energy Saving.

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