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3kW recharge cars in 6-8 hours


7kW - 22kW recharge cars in 3-4 hours


43kW - 50kW recharge most cars in
30/45 minutes (can be either AC and DC)

EV Charging

Reducing carbon emissions locally and globally

EV Charging

Support your growing community of electric car users and generate revenue

Our knowledge means you get the best technology for your needs

We help both private and public businesses to provide electric vehicle users with charge points. We can evaluate your site and propose locations, advise you on the varying technology options and then our qualified engineers manage the full installation and testing with minimal disruption to your business.

Now that you are up and running and keeping your community happy, we can get on with maintaining your new assets and returning user fees back to you via our billing platform, helping you see and report on your new revenue stream.

We offer full project management, so you can charge on with other jobs

It is estimated that there will be a million electric vehicles on UK roads by 2020

There are over 100 plugin vehicle models on the market

The government’s policy of banning the sale of all new diesel and petrol cars and vans by 2040 to encourage drivers to switch to electric and hybrid vehicles


Electric Vehicle sales

Recent figures show that electric car, new registration sales, has increased rapidly over the last few years with as many as 12,800 new cars being bought per month in 2019. The UK has nearly about 600,000 ULEVs on the road today (Q2 2019). No surprise when you consider these facts:

Claim a workplace grant

The government offers a £350 grant to businesses, up to a maximum of 20 sockets. This free money will reduce your capital investment and help you to keep your community happy and fuelled. To claim the funding, you need to apply online and provide the Helix50 quote. You will be issued with a voucher for the grant that we deduct from our invoice. Simple.

Electric Vehicle charging points

As a result of investment by the government and private initiatives, the UK network of charging points has increased to more than 16,000 but it is estimated that we need over 100,000. Rapid units are the fastest growing sector of the charging device market, but the UK currently has only 1,500 rapid charging points; in comparison there are over 10,000 petrol stations each with multiple fuel pumps.



By 2020 the UK is expected to have over 1million electric vehicles on the road. Installing charging points can encourage customers to remain loyal and you can attract new customers by being ahead of the game, leaving your competitors in the dust, actually…water vapour.


Offering your customers a charging facility can encourage; extra visits and longer stays, these can both lead to an increase in sales. You can choose between applying a fee for charging or go bold and offer free or subsidised charging based on a metric, such as customer spend.

Encourage sustainability, nurture loyalty and increase sales


If you are a property portfolio owner, such as a local authority or housing developer, you can reap the rewards of providing residents with charging points. Adopting charging technology will enable you to support the roll-out of electric vehicles and produce a new ongoing revenue stream, the scale is all important in this respect.

Protect the environment and increase your income

Employees and Visitors

Help your team and visitors to charge their vehicles and promote the switch to electric for those that are considering the change or need a little nudge. You can demonstrate your business’ commitment to sustainable goals by supporting the roll-out of electric vehicles and either; create a revenue stream with a usage fee or delight employees and visitors with free or subsidised charging.

Highlight your environmental stance and delight stakeholders

Back-end & billing system

We can provide and install systems with load management capabilities that enable you to flexibly manage multiple charging devices that work with your electricity supply and an analytics system that allows both users and premises owners to see live data and billing information, plus collect fees.

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