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Goverment Depts.

Services and Solutions for the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Justice

We are working with public sector organisations to help reduce energy consumption, save money, and reduce carbon emissions, to help meet UK Government 2050 carbon targets. With joint venture colleagues at Helix50, we work with many government departments, including, specifically, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ). We are set up to help analyse current energy usage and work with all government departments under, for example, the HELGA framework, to help develop energy transformation maturity paths employing appropriate energy and carbon saving solutions, project grants and funding.


We also work with the MOD to address the static and deployed infrastructure requirements. The armed forces are not exempt from the carbon reduction and have an aggressive policy to meet the government deadline in 2050. We have a wide range of technologies that are under discussion including: Solar PV, Battery Storage, EV Charging, Waste to Energy (Anaerobic digestion) Hydrogen (Membrane-Free hydrogen in combination with cryogenic separation to deliver pure hydrogen and pure oxygen as separate gases; Low Energy Technology (LET) hydrogen, that vastly improves engine performance and reduces carbon output significantly.


Across all of the public sector, Helix50 regularly surveys, advises, designs, funds, supplies, installs and supports in the area of LED ighting and controls, Solar PV,  EV Charging, Battery Storage and many other renewable technologies.


We comply with all the relevant permits to operate and are certified for ISO 14001:2015ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018

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