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Power Optimisation Analytics (POA)

POA brings ‘Smart Grid’ energy management and control technologies to the energy market. It provides real time GSM/GPRS 3G and 4G energy monitoring and control technology that enables business consumers to control the import and export of energy very effectively, in a new and unique way. The POA portal provides real-time access to utility, energy and carbon data, showing energy behaviour and performance of plant and equipment down to individual asset level. This vital and often unknown level of detail enables companies to improve operations, stretch return on investment and inform future investment decisions. POA ‘Smart Grid’ provides an energy efficiency ‘snapshot’, creates digitised energy assets and is the catalyst, for example, to introduce power factor and voltage optimisation. It is also analyses and monitors power threshold buy-in costs.  


POA is a key analytical tool employed by Helix50 in baselining holistic energy performance of company customers.


Power Baselining

Voltage Optimisation

Power Correction


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