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Health & Social Care Services face growing calls for improved sustainability from both people who use the services and the workforce that provide them.


In 2018 the NHS Sustainable Development Unit reported that public demand and staff support for the sustainable use of resources are high. 92% of the public and 93% of staff expect the health and social care system to operate in a sustainable manner by, for example, improving resource efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and reducing waste.


The report also highlighted that building energy use (gas and electricity) is 18% of the NHS England carbon footprint


So how can we reduce carbon and improve resource efficiency in health & social care services?


Lighting and Energy Saving


Care home providers can take advantage of energy saving solutions such as Advanced Thermostat Controls, Digital Boiler Optimisation and Voltage Optimisers, which can reduce energy usage and bills by up to 40%. We are familiar with working in a number specialist areas, for example, we are specialist in the provision of specialist lighting for some dementia patients.


Our tailored funding solutions mean these energy saving technologies can be installed with no upfront cost to your business. We also work closely with *Salix Finance.


Helix50 use DBS certified installers. Our people fully understand the flexibility and consideration required in gaining access to a varying number of different sites where sensitivity is required and have been trained to act accordingly. They are also trained to meet often complex circumstances and are flexible. We meet all accreditations required for working in this sector.


Helix 50 takes great pride in working closely with many clients across the health and social care sector. The company is represented on many frameworks and has in the past provided renewable solutions through these frameworks, making purchasing energy transformation technology (eg: LED lighting, solar, battery storage, monitoring and verification systems etc) straightforward.


*Salix Finance Ltd. provides Government funding to the public sector to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and lower energy bills. Salix is a non-departmental public body, owned wholly by Government. Salix is funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Department for Education, the Welsh Government and the Scottish Government (source: Salix website)

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