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Services and Solutions for Local Authorities

How do we help the Public Sector?


  • We have an in-house experienced public sector team and would provide you with a dedicated Account Manager

  • We undertake a thorough investigation of your existing energy consumption and utilise this data to calculate your annual energy costs and carbon footprint utilising the Helix50 power optimisation analytics that show where there are deficiencies and major savings be made 

  • We recognise the tremendous pressure on available capital and offer innovative, off balance sheet project funding. These unique operational, and financial leases, sourced from respected international, ethical, green funding institutions, will invariably be funded out of energy savings derived from tailored energy reduction solutions and can generate an immediate cash surplus

  • We can provide a wide range of proven energy saving technologies, e.g. LED lighting and controls, Solar PV, EV, battery storage, heating, refrigeration, and HVAC controls

  • Although agnostic in our choice of equipment that form solution designs, we work directly with global manufacturers to ensure relevance, quality, and cost-effective solutions which are fully supported with extended product warranties

  • We undertake the installations on behalf of our customers to provide complete reassurance

  • We undertake a comprehensive survey of your site/s by our experienced and fully-qualified technical experts

  • We create a bespoke tailored solution for you based on the best solutions, products, biggest savings, and shortest return on investment (ROI) possible


Our experienced in-house public sector team will:


  • Discuss and identify your specific requirements and options before the Salix application and evaluate the chances of your project being financed through Salix, saving you time and money

  • Utilise our experience and expertise to discuss the wider range of Salix financed technologies that may be appropriate for you from the many eligible technologies

  • Undertake a thorough investigation of your existing energy consumption and utilise this data to calculate your annual energy costs and carbon footprint 

  • Undertake a comprehensive survey of site/s by our experienced technical experts to determine the size and scope of the energy saving opportunity

  • Create a tailored energy saving solution for your organisation based on the most appropriate products, biggest financial and carbon savings, and quickest payback possible ensuring Salix compliance at all times

  • Liaise with Salix Finance commercial team and Salix external technical evaluation team to assist you to get your project ‘over the line,’ e.g. includes writing of Salix business plans for all projects over £100K

  • Source appropriate products from global manufacturers that have a bespoke extended warranty period aligned with the Salix funding to further mitigate your risk

  • Undertake all project installations at times to suit the needs of your business and meeting all Covid-19 H&S and PPE regulations

  • We will not charge you for any of our site surveys, analysis or completing funding applications. We just ask that you do not share our survey data with external third parties - in line with GDPR regulations.


Additional benefits of working with us


  • Energy surveys, ESOS and SECR undertaken by experienced energy surveyors

  • Financing options available upon request through Macquarie Bank, Hitachi, and Anglo Scottish Asset Finance

  • With over 50,000 square feet of warehousing and 3,000 pallet spaces holding around £3 million worth of stock, we have the capability to ensure the supply of your goods

  • More than 3,500 product lines are stocked to customer and contract requirements to enable quick order turnaround and delivery

  • As well as contracts with national carriers and pallet networks, we also operate 12 of our own vehicles with payloads between 750kg and 7000kg that cover all areas of mainland Britain

  • All stock is managed via an integrated computerised ordering, stock control and warehousing management system that can also integrate your own stock codes, easing the ordering, delivery, and invoicing process

  • We can also provide you with management reporting to enable you to control your spend and usage

  • Complimentary lighting scheme guidance

  • Quality of service is fundamental to what we do. With our management systems fully certified to ISO 9001 we aim to provide the best possible service in all areas and for this reason we have been quality accredited since 1995. We also have accreditation to ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 meaning you can be sure that every aspect of what we do, including behind the scenes, is of the highest standard

  • We have robust systems and procedures in place and a proven track record with over 98% of deliveries "right first time"

  • Our dedicated support team offer a single point of contact with speedy response to enquiries, pro-active advice, in-depth understanding, and technical knowledge resulting in exceptional customer service

Public Sector.

To learn more about our solutions, products and services contact us today. 

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