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Renewable Energy Solutions

Helix50 provides renewable solutions that reduce carbon output and the cost of energy generation. We work collaboratively with customers, mainstream manufactures and young innovative supply companies that challenge the concepts of conventional product development in this sector. Continuous improvement is embedded in our design and supply philosophy. Better by design and collaboration. Understand the requirement. Design the solution. Fulfil the need. Meet the oncoming carbon reduction targets. 


Solutions are key but often funding the design solution is critical. No budget, no progression toward government targets. Alongside international ethical green investors, Helix50 has designed and created funding packages that we believe address a range of capital replacement needs with off-balance sheet funding, where required and appropriate. Funding is often cash neutral because savings are greater than the serving payment. 


Our solutions relate to:


Solar PV

Storage (Battery, Hydrogen)

Energy Efficient Heating (Air & Ground Source)

LED lighting

Biomass (Waste2Energy, Anaerobic Digestion)

EV Charging

HVAC controls


To learn more about our solutions, products and services contact us today. 

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