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Residential PV+ Battery Storage

Reducing carbon emissions locally and globally

Residential PV +
Battery Storage

Improve your building stock with renewable energy without capital outlay

Get fully-funded solar and storage then generate revenue

We have the power to deliver your project

Our funding network and technical expertise help multi-property owners to roll out rooftop solar generation and domestic battery energy storage that can significantly reduce tenant energy bills and their carbon emissions. We can help you generate a new revenue stream by selling generated and stored electricity to your tenants and any excess electricity to the grid.

We offer an end-to-end service from initial feasibility studies and agreeing funding, to installation and commissioning.


  • 3.6kW/5.0kW Twin MPPT Hybrid Inverter

  • 2.5kW Charge & Discharge Rate

  • 99.5% Efficiency

  • 10 Year Warranty

  • 6,000 cycles @C1

  • Supplied with Wi-Fi or 3G Sim Card

  • Remote Access & Control of Assets

  • Supplied with Intelligent BMS

  • Can be charged AC or D/C


Electricity prices have increased steadily over recent years and are predicted to keep rising. Your tenants will keep facing ever increasing electricity bills and if you are a local authority you may face government penalties for not reaching energy efficiency targets laid out by national and regional policymakers, depending on your location e.g. Ireland is facing a €700m fine from 2020 for not meeting national targets.

In contrary to rising electricity costs, the cost of photovoltaics (PV) has been declining and the panels themselves have become much more efficient at converting photons into electricity.

In fact, our PV with battery package is a game changer as the next best system will provide a home with just 45% of generated electricity, our packaged solution can provide 99.5%, meaning it is the most effective PV and battery solution available today. Our battery is also a hybrid, meaning it can operate in two states at any one time i.e. charging from PV or the grid whilst also discharging to provide electricity to the home.

Property developers, under continual government attention, need to make new homes more and more energy efficient. If you have not already worked out how you are going to achieve more sustainable homes, then you are behind. A simple way to get close to zero carbon homes is by employing PV, and if you add a battery energy storage system to properties all your new homes will certainly be ultra-low carbon.

Attracting home buyers. The simple fact is, more and more people are changing the way they perceive their impact on the environment. Energy, recycling, plastics and now microplastics are hot topics in our society. Add to this, the fact that modern Britain’s want a smart and plug-and-play solution in as many parts of their lives as possible - why would your customers buy a new home and then leave themselves with the hassle of searching and paying for a rooftop PV system and battery when property developers can deliver a home that is all set to go and meets ever demanding homeowner needs? Don’t let your competitors deliver while you still ponder market changes.


We offer an end-to-end service. Providing local authorities and property developers with an initial business case based on your needs and architect/site plans. We then supply the hardware and software, install the rooftop PV equipment and battery, and run a full diagnostic test and final commissioning before handover. We also offer a full manufacturer approved maintenance package.

Local Authorities

Local authorities have the challenge to refurbish existing housing stock to meet carbon targets and protect vulnerable and low-income tenants from rising energy costs. Investing now in technology such as PV and battery energy storage will deliver savings today and much bigger savings in the future, as electricity prices climb higher. Forward thinking today will deliver lower electricity bills and can create an attractive revenue stream for local authorities through mechanisms such as a power purchase agreement (PPA). A PPA enables local authorities to provide (funding available) and own the PV and battery system, allowing the tenant to access lower than market rate electricity. Once the assets have recouped the initial capital investment or paid-off the finance the local authority will be earning a large revenue from free solar.

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