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Social Housing

Reducing carbon emissions locally and globally

Solar Roof Tiles

Provide tenants with low-maintenance renewables and generate revenue.

We deliver solar power to be proud of.

Clean power generated discreetly

We supply and install a range of solar tiles that offer an aesthetic alternative to conventional solar panels and an energy-generating alternative to traditional roof tiles. Solar tiles provide all the function of standard roof tiles with all the benefits of a highly efficient solar system, without compromising the look of the property.


Our solar tiles are highly efficient generating 150w m2, powering homes with renewable electricity and delivering significantly lower carbon emissions; helping housing providers to improve the energy performance of housing stock.


Our solar roof tiles are planning friendly, due to their discreet design. Completely adaptable to all size homes and can cover up to 98% of the roof space. They are designed to be ultra-lightweight, easy to install and extremely low maintenance.

PV and Battery

Improve your building stock with renewable energy without capital outlay

Get fully-funded solar and storage then generate revenue

We have the power to deliver your project

Our funding network and technical expertise help social housing providers to rollout rooftop solar generation and domestic battery energy storage that can significantly reduce tenant energy bills and their carbon emissions. We can help you generate a new revenue stream by selling generated and stored electricity to your tenants and any excess electricity to the grid.

We offer an end-to-end service from initial feasibility studies and agreeing funding, to installation and commissioning.

Voltage Optimisation

Save energy and lower carbon emissions immediately and continuously

We deliver shockingly good returns every day

Voltage optimisation is a well-established and proven technology, especially in the UK where electricity is supplied at an average of 242 volts, which is high, compared to other countries.

Our technology, eco-max-home optimiser, is a small and cost-effective system designed for use in homes. It reduces energy consumption by up to 19% whilst significantly lowering carbon emissions and prolongs the life of white goods and electrical appliances, and the lifetime of a domestic inverter where a home has rooftop solar. 

It is available in two convenient sizes, 63 amp and 100 amp and operates continually at the rated current. It has no moving parts, requires no maintenance and is extremely reliable. The unique design delivers savings from your electrical appliances 24/7/365 - a “fit and forget” solution.

Infrared Heating

Improve your homes with highly efficient future proof heating

Help tenants escape the cycle of losing expensive heating

As our decarbonising economy moves away from gas in favour of cleaner and renewable electricity, infrared heating offers a modern and future proof energy-efficient heating system that has substantially lower installation and maintenance costs, compared with traditional fan-assisted or water-based systems.

Infrared heating is designed around how the human body works i.e. we are designed to accept and emit infrared waves, so infrared heating gives the same feeling as natural sunlight. Infrared heating does not escape when doors and windows are opened, unlike traditional conduction and convection systems. This means infrared heating is 100% efficient, as nothing escapes to the outdoors.

Further energy savings come from the fact that the home’s building fabric retains infrared heat for much longer than the traditional heating, providing more thermal comfort and lower carbon emissions.

EV Charging

Support your growing community of electric car users and generate revenue

Our knowledge means you get the best technology for your needs

We help local authorities to provide electric car users with charge points for their vehicles. We can evaluate your site and propose locations, advise you on the varying technology options and then our qualified engineers manage the full installation and testing with minimal disruption.

Now that you are up and running and keeping your community happy, we can get on with maintaining your new assets and returning user fees back to you via our billing platform, helping you see and report on your new revenue stream.

We offer full project management, so you can charge on with other jobs

To learn more about our solutions, products and services contact us today. 

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