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Our solutions relate to:


  • Solar power generation

  • Energy storage for later re-use (battery, hydrogen)

  • Alternative energy efficient heating (Air & Ground Source)

  • Energy savings devices

  • Lighting systems

  • Biomass

  • Electric vehicle charging

  • Heating ventilation and air condition control systems

  • Membrane-Free Electrolyser™ Hydrogen technology  


Keeping One Step Ahead

Helix50 is committed to continuous improvement, influencing and improving product design and manufacturing processes that make a real difference to carbon reduction and the costs of energy generation. It is a continual development process in an ever changing sector. We actively encourage collaboration with smaller, innovative companies and individuals. We look to partner and move forward together through a business model that is agile and eager to embrace change in technology and, critically, with project funding and contracting models.  


Helix50 solutions are critical to what we are as a business. Whether you are looking at LED Lighting and control systems in your office building or Solar PV and EV Charging on campus or public sector offices, we can design, tailor, provide project funds and install a solution that is appropriate to your requirement and fit for purpose. 


We also provide other generative technology in Biomass, for example a highly innovative Waste2Energy, Anaerobic Digestion systems, Air & Ground Source Heating, HVAC control systems and unique Battery Storage, which together with Solar PV is now deployed in first social housing scheme of its kind with Together Housing in Lancashire.


We are also involved in the Hydrogen revolution working with Membrane-Free Electrolyser™ (MFE) technologies which, in combination with cryogenic separation, deliver pure hydrogen and pure oxygen as separate gases with a myriad of applications, including energy storage and water purification.


We wrap energy saving around all solutions, including Advanced Thermostat & Control and Digital Boiler Optimisation. We work to meet current market direction and demand. However, these will change as underlying technology advances and the requirement emphasis changes.  


We pride ourselves on operating a continual process of review as to what is in the pipeline, newly available and about to be introduced to the market and in a number of instances help young companies bring their products to market. We actively seek collaboration and firmly believe in supporting innovation with smaller companies as well the large manufacturers with whom we have worked, in some cases, for many years.  

The Enviromental Infrastructure Challenges

Helix50 endeavours to review new technologies and products that will add to our overall offering helping to push society at a growing pace into a carbon neutral mindset. We do not subscribe to the 'silver bullet' view that one technology or solution would work for all things. Meeting the challenges of infrastructure change lies in supporting new technology innovation across many different platforms including solar, battery storage, EV charging, Biomass anaerobic digestion systems, a myriad of growing hydrogen interventions, continually evolving power management systems and power usage analytics. 

To learn more about our solutions, products and services contact us today. 

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