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Optional Features

True Bypass


Our unique BrownOut low voltage seamless inhibit feature ensures that your optimised voltage is never too low. Multifunctional input metering, output voltage and status indication monitoring system can be provided. Another unique feature is the ability to instantly demonstrate the energysaving by simply turning a key switch to trigger the seamless inhibit feature, allowing you to monitor the energy consumption both with and without optimising.

Ideal for use by non-technical staff this manual switch allows you to bypass the optimiser unit and converts the supply to its original, non-optimised level. Ideal for testing new equipment or when you have an electrical fault.

Total Power Quality

The Eco-Max-Power version is bespoke manufactured to suit a specific site; no one system is the same. This means we can combine it with any other power quality solution that may have been specified for the site. By combining other technologies such as power factor correction, harmonic filtration, and surge protection the Eco-Max-Power can be a fully comprehensive power quality solution for your whole site.

Voltage Optimisation

Reducing carbon emissions locally and globally

Voltage Optimisation

Save energy and lower carbon emissions immediately and continuously

We deliver shockingly good returns every day

Voltage optimisation is a well-established and proven technology, especially in the UK where electricity is supplied at an average of 242 volts, which is high, compared to other countries.

Our Eco-Max technology is a cost-effective system designed for use in all types of businesses. It reduces energy consumption by up to 19% whilst significantly lowering carbon emissions but Eco-Max does much more than simply adjust the voltage; it is also comprehensive power quality improvement system that improves the efficiency of your whole site.

It is available in two main versions, Eco-Max-Power (large industrial sites) and Eco-Max-Commercial (commercial and light industrial sites). Both operate continually at the rated current. Have no moving parts, require no maintenance and are extremely reliable. The unique designs deliver savings 24/7/365 – a true “fit and forget” solution.


  • Immediately reduces electricity consumption by up to 19%

  • Reduces electricity consumption 24/7/365

  • Fast return on investment

  • Reduces carbon emissions

  • Prolongs the life of electrical equipment

  • Improves power quality

  • Works with onsite power generation e.g. solar, wind

  • Adjustable settings for greater control and savings

  • Easy to install “fit and forget” solution

  • Made in the UK

  • Fully guaranteed

Established technology with a proven UK track record since 2002


Industrial, Manufacturing & Engineering

Hotels, Restaurants & Pubs

Savings can be made on lighting, kitchen appliances and in accommodation areas with HVAC systems and more…

Savings can be made on lighting, machinery, motors, pumps, fans, air compressors and more…

Office & Retail

Savings can be made on electrical equipment such as lighting and HVAC systems and more…

Healthcare & Beauty

Dentists, GPs, vets, gyms, spas, and hairdressers can make savings on equipment such as tools, lighting, pumps, HVAC systems and more…

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