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Reducing carbon emissions locally and globally

Voltage Optimisation

Save energy and lower carbon emissions immediately and continuously

We deliver shockingly good returns every day

Voltage optimisation is a well-established and proven technology, especially in the UK where electricity is supplied at an average of 242 volts, which is high, compared to other countries.

Our Eco-Max technology is a cost-effective system designed for use in all types of businesses. It reduces energy consumption by up to 19% whilst significantly lowering carbon emissions but Eco-Max does much more than simply adjust the voltage; it is also comprehensive power quality improvement system that improves the efficiency of your whole site.

It is available in two main versions, Eco-Max-Power (large industrial sites) and Eco-Max-Commercial (commercial and light industrial sites). Both operate continually at the rated current. Have no moving parts, require no maintenance and are extremely reliable. The unique designs deliver savings 24/7/365 – a true “fit and forget” solution.


  • Wireless control of up to two power sources on a room occupancy basis (additional Relay Module required)

  • Compatible with all major air-conditioning manufacturers’ wall controlled or remote-controlled air conditioners

  • Setback temperature setting to maintain an energy-saving comfort level in unoccupied rooms

  • Temperature settings to prevent excessive heating/cooling of rooms

  • Expandable technology

  • Mains or battery operation (up to 2 year battery life)

  • Choice of restart options 1) automatic on detection of movement or 2) manual restart

  • Can be wall or ceiling mounted

  • Radio signal communication with separate Relay Module and all sensors – up to 10 meter transmitting range

  • Up to 127 different room codes and additional floor odes to prevent signal crossover

  • Programmable time delay from 15 to 60 minutes


Relay Module

Window and Door Sensor

  • Designed to switch off up to two power sources including lighting on a room occupancy basis

  • Mains or battery operation (up to 2 years battery life)

  • Low battery signalling alarm to the WiREMS unit

  • Radio signal communication from the WiREMS

  • Power sources will be turned off 15 minutes after occupants depart (adjustable)

  • Easy to install with minimal wiring

  • No wiring required

  • Turns the air conditioner off if a window or door has been left open

  • Door sensor prevents air conditioners from turning off if occupants are static for long periods e.g. hotel bedrooms, meeting rooms etc. Radio signal communication with separate Relay Module and all sensors – up to 10 meter transmitting range

  • Mains or battery operation (up to 2 year battery life)

In operation WiREMS delivers:

Low cost, high impact technology

  • Significant reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions

  • Turns the air conditioner and up to two additional power sources off (additional Relay Module required) once occupants have left the room

  • Prevents occupants from excessively heating/cooling the room

  • Strong return on investment; payback typically 6 to 12 months

  • Preserved lifespan and reduced maintenance/repair costs of cooling and lighting equipment

Reduce your air-conditioning and lighting energy demand without changing comfort levels

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