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The Visionaries Behind Helix-50

Meet the Helix-50 team

Managing Director
Dave Deegan
Mark Bonifacio


Operations Manager
Claire Fletcher
Project Manager
Izzy Thorpe
SMSTs roofing leads
Lloyd Tucker
SMSTs electrical lead
Nick Robinson
G99/G100 board specialist
Anders Howard


Sales Team

At Helix-50, our success is driven by the collective passion and expertise of our diverse team. With over 30 dedicated employees, each contributing their unique skills and commitment to our mission, we are proud to introduce the individuals who power our green energy initiatives. Behind our seamless operations and client interactions stands a dynamic sales team, tirelessly working to provide tailored solutions for your energy needs. To connect with our dedicated sales team and explore how we can assist you, click the link below.

Office Manager
Ebonie Hurst
Marketing Assistant
Lilli Rawlinson
Marketing Assistant
Sienna Chambers


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