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Renewable Solutions for

Tomorrow's World

Services and Solutions

Installation & Maintenance

The Services We Provide

Large Solar Panel Installation by Helix 50 at Rumwood Farm

Embark on your sustainable journey with Helix-50's specialized consulting services. We understand that navigating the intricacies of energy policy can be a daunting task, especially in the pursuit of carbon-neutral goals by 2050. Each company or institution is at a different starting point in their sustainability journey.


Our consulting arm is tailored to address these challenges, offering pragmatic advice grounded in our wealth of experience. Whether you're looking to start the journey or enhance your existing efforts, we provide strategic insights to guide you towards impactful and achievable goals.

Consulting: Navigating Energy Policy with Expert Guidance

LED installation by Helix 50 at Peckham Harris Academy

In the design phase, Helix-50 takes a meticulous approach, considering your unique dependencies and limitations. We understand that factors such as capital budgets, access restrictions, and health and safety concerns play a crucial role in crafting a solution that aligns seamlessly with your needs.


Through collaborative efforts, we work closely with you to conceptualize and refine a design that not only meets the brief but also aligns with your organizational goals. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive and effective plan that lays the foundation for a sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Design: Tailored Solutions with Precision

Solar Panel installation on new builds for Jigsaw Homes

Helix-50 believes in making renewable energy solutions accessible and affordable. Through strategic partnerships with leading financial institutions, we offer a range of financial products to suit your needs. Whether it's operational leasing, asset finance, or power purchase agreements (PPAs), we provide flexible financing options.


This means you can benefit from cutting-edge renewable installations without the upfront costs. The installation is owned or invested in by another party, usually a financial institution, and you pay a periodic lease payment offset by the savings generated by the installed system. It's a seamless way to make sustainability a reality without the burden of substantial initial investments.

Finance: Enabling Sustainability without Financial Strain

Large house with fresh Solar Panels installed.

Helix-50 boasts a highly experienced team of mechanical and electrical (M+E) engineers, delivering precision and reliability in every project. With a track record of successfully completing complex projects across various sectors, including aviation, healthcare, education, military, industry, manufacturing, energy, data centres, communication, and transport, our engineers bring unparalleled expertise to every installation.


We understand the critical importance of reliable systems, and our commitment to excellence extends to ongoing maintenance. Trust us to keep your renewable energy infrastructure operating at peak performance, ensuring longevity and efficiency throughout its lifecycle. Helix-50's installation and maintenance services are your guarantee of a seamlessly executed and reliably sustained renewable energy solution.

Installation & Maintenance: Expertise You Can Trust

Our Solutions


Our renewable solutions are:

  • Solar PV

  • Storage (Battery, Hydrogen)

  • Energy Efficient Heating (Air & Ground Source)

  • LED lighting

  • Biomass (Waste2Energy, Anaerobic Digestion)

  • EV Charging

  • HVAC controls

Energy Saving

Examples of energy saving solutions we offer are:​

  • Advanced Thermostat Control - 30-40% savings.

  • Digital Boiler Optimisation up to 20% savings.

  • 40-75% saved on energy costs when switching to LED lighting and introducing lighting controls


POA brings ‘Smart Grid’ energy management and control technologies to the energy market. It provides real time GSM/GPRS 3G and 4G energy monitoring and control technology that enables business consumers to control the import and export of energy very effectively, in a new and unique way. The POA portal provides real-time access to utility, energy and carbon data, showing energy behaviour and performance of plant and equipment down to individual asset level.


We can provide you with an experienced Account Manager who will investigate your existing energy consumption and use the data to calculate your annual energy costs and carbon footprint. Audits of your site are completed by experienced and fully qualified technical experts who will create a, tailored solution for you based on the most appropriate products, biggest savings, and shortest return on investment possible.


Sectors we work in


At Helix50, we work with many government departments, including, specifically, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ). We are set up to help analyse current energy usage and work with all government departments.

Healthcare & Social Services

Health Services face calls for sustainability from people who use the services and the staff that provide them. We use DBS certified installers to help care home providers and the NHS thanks to our LED lighting, solar, & battery storage


Helix-50 has a proven track record with helping the education sector to stay renewable and lower their energy bills, most recently, we have re-vitalised multiple Harris Academies in London (see case study page


Helix50 can leverage its experience in working with suppliers, and commercial customers in order to help your business. We have tried and tested processes that will help you to meet your carbon offset targets with ease.

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