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Helix50 is positioned to meet cross sector demands in the design, funding, supply and installation of renewable energy solutions.


We also work collaboratively with our customers, both companies and public institutions, in benchmarking where in the energy transformation cycle they are, and mapping a way forward that will consider carbon reduction and cost savings.


We review all energy generation, storage, saving devices, energy management and funding models that roll together project finance for the duration of the whole programme. For example, in the area of large-scale social housing programmes (eg: Together Housing, Lancashire) that utilise power purchase agreements (PPAs) which can be in excess of 20 years.


We work with government departments (eg: BEIS, MOJ, MOD, local authorities, NHS etc), housing associations, facility management companies, large corporate companies and small businesses. 


We listen, understand overarching objectives, advise, survey, fund, supply, install and support renewable energy solutions. We aim to provide a strategy, for either smaller projects or large, long term programmes.


To learn more about our solutions, products and services contact us today. 

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