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Future-Proof Your Business

EV Charging

Require new charging stations tailored for your personal or business electric vehicles? Look no further – we have you covered with premium chargers from renowned brands like SyncEV and Enel X.

Why Choose EV?

The government’s policy of banning the sale of all new diesel and petrol cars and vans by 2040 will, and in fact already is, encouraging the public to make the switch to ULEVs (Ultra Low Emission Vehicles). On top of the forthcoming ban, are a great list of other benefits provided by EV which have swayed people to make the switch to EV, examples of these benefits include: cheaper insurance, no paying for fuel, no road tax, less maintenance, workplace grants (we explain how you can use this below) and so on. Furthermore, there are currently an estimated 477,000 electric cars on the road and an additional 790,000 plug in hybrids in the UK today, and what better way to accommodate for this rising demand than to install EV Chargers on your property.

Installing charging points can encourage customers to remain loyal and you can attract new customers by being ahead of the game, leaving your competitors in the dust, actually…water vapour. Offering your customers a charging facility can encourage; extra visits and longer stays, these can both lead to an increase in sales. You can choose between applying a fee for charging or go bold and offer free or subsidised charging based on a metric, such as customer spend.

If you are a property portfolio owner, such as a local authority or housing developer, you can reap the rewards of providing residents with charging points. Adopting charging technology will enable you to support the roll-out of electric vehicles and produce a new ongoing revenue stream, the scale is all important in this respect.

Claiming a workplace grant

The government offers a £350 grant to businesses, on up to a maximum of 20 sockets. This free money will reduce your capital investment and help you to keep your community happy and fueled. To claim the funding, you need to apply online and provide a quote from us, you will be issued with a voucher for the grant that we then deduct from our invoice. Simple.

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