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Dynamic Boiler Optimisation

Dynamic Boiler Optimization (DBO) represents an innovative technology engineered to minimize your boiler's fuel consumption without compromising your building's heating performance. DBO achieves this by intuitively responding to your building's requirements, surpassing the conventional approach of relying solely on the boiler's assumptions.

Dynamic Boiler Optimiser for Sustainable Business Heating

We can help your business to make significant energy and carbon savings whilst keeping your heating needs unchanged.

Our Dynamic Boiler Optimiser provides you with real-time monitoring and remote control, keeping you up to date and alerted to any problems. Report functions help you understand performance, consumption and emissions data at any time; helping you stay compliant with regulations.

Benefits include:

  • Average annual gas consumption saving of 16%

  • Energy-saving performance certified by BRE (CFP 348)

  • Reduces CO2 and accurately reports emissions

  • Real-time monitoring and performance reporting

  • Fast return on investment

  • Funded option available

  • Smart energy device with artificial intelligence

  • Maintains pre-set building temperatures

  • UK designed and manufactured

  • Manufacturers warranty

How does it work

A boiler thermostat generally maintains temperatures in the boiler between 70C – 80C. The Dynamic Boiler Optimiser (DBO) ensures a boiler only responds to the needs of the building – not the boiler, which can often cool a couple of extra degrees and is sufficient to double the length of the cooling curve.

This works by reducing the amount of fuel consumed by optimising boiler cycle times without changing the buildings heating performance. It does this by taking itself in and out of circuit every 50 boiler cycles and measures the cooling and firing times for each cycle.

It is mains operated, un-intrusive and via our web platform allows our customers to see in ‘real-time’ their cost and carbon savings; there is no guesswork. The systems’ savings report can be downloaded and identifies exactly how this works in practice.

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Peckham Harris Academy

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