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Carbon emissions set to reach their limit worldwide by 2025

The IEA (International Energy Agency) has said that thanks to governments worldwide vastly increasing spending on renewable energy, we should see carbon emissions peak by 2025. From then on, the amount of fossil fuels used per year should continue to drop dramatically. Many countries across the world and particularly in Europe will be and have already been looking to severely increase their energy security, this has caused some people to think we will see an increase in the use of fossil fuels, in an attempt to bring supplies up and send prices down.

This seemed to be a strategy which world leaders were willing to adopt, the US had the same idea and the UK looked to give it a try as well, with conversations of fracking being had and a proposed ban on the use of solar panels on farmland. Thankfully however, this idea has been shut down since the arrival of Rishi Sunak as PM.

Despite all of the discussion surrounding increased use of fossil fuels, it now seems like things are on the up for renewables, and now is the time when the world needs it most. More policies are coming in as time passes and they all lean towards a positive change for the future of our planet, soon enough, we will live in a world where the sale of ICE (Internal combustion engine) cars will be banned and the roads will be populated by clean, green, battery powered vehicles.

Solar panel sales also don't look like slowing down any time soon as they continue to lead the renewable race into the next decade, and other smaller sources of renewable energy such as wind seem to be following suit. The IEA has backed this point up by saying thanks to new plans from the US, Europe, and a few of Asia's biggest nations, we will see investment in low-carbon energy grow to £1.7 trillion per year which they said is 50% more than where it is at now.

Now, this is where we come in. Clearly, to accommodate this demand for new renewable energy such as solar and electric vehicles, we are going to need a lot more work done to facilitate the growth. For example, currently we're going to need far more chargers on the roads to make EV a viable option for everyone (something which soon enough, following the ban on sales of ICE vehicles, will be a complete necessity). Furthermore, as solar is the biggest player in the renewable world, we're going to need a lot more panels on roofs.

Now where is this going to come from? Companies like us of course! At Helix-50 we can offer: EV Charging and Solar & Battery storage from a wide range of top brands such as Viridian Solar, BG SyncEV, Longi, and one of the only British solar panels UKSOL. Want to find out more about our products? Feel free to browse our site to find whatever additional information you need, then contact us through any of the details on our contact page, right here on the site!

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