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Is hydrogen the oxygen in the blood supply for energy in the future? We have a strong believe that past fears and prejudices have slowed the development of hydrogen technology in several ways – but maybe not now!

The article in the Times earlier this year is somehow indicative of the contradictions in our society today. Hailed as a truly innovative concept and design, well maybe belatedly, in an era when we are trying to save the planet, ditch fossil fuels, reduce carbon output, adopt renewables this ultra-low-energy Passivhaus called, Autarkic, only took seven years to go through planning! Amazing.

In defence of the planners, it is a very different concept, enough so to be termed the ‘Greenest house in Europe’, when you combine solar roof panels, hydrogen energy storage in high pressure vessels as indeed we do at Helix50 with a fuel cell to convert back into energy, a hydrogen boiler, compressor, which in all produces heating/hot water, hydrogen fuel vehicles and oxygen as a bi-product, let alone Biomass, Air Source heat pump technology, water treatment and your own water borehole – there’s a lot to take in and approve.

We think it’s fantastic. Apparently expensive at a reported £500K for the technology but the costs of renewables is coming down all the time, that’s what happens with technology and early adopters.

Helix50 is involved in all the aforementioned but our work is rather more in the commercial sector. We are developing new, complementary technology to all that the Times articles covers in our own right and with our partners, details of which we'll discuss over the coming months.


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