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Why OZEV grants make EV the smart choice

Currently, in 2022, more and more action is needed to help offset the nation's carbon emissions. This is why grants like the OZEV WCS exist to give you an incentive to make a difference to the planet and take the leap into the world of renewable energy. The WCS (Workplace Charging Scheme) reduces the purchase and installation cost of a workplace charge point by £350 per socket, for up to a maximum of 40 charge

points on a single site. This can mean a cost saving of up to £14,000, which is certainly a discount you can't afford to miss out on.

How to qualify for this grant;
  • Dedicated off-street parking is needed on your workplace

  • Own the land, or obtain owner consent for chargepoint installation

  • You can't have already exceeded de minimis state aid limits

  • If you don't have electrical vehicles currently in your fleet or your employees don't drive electric vehicles to work, you will need to show that there is a future demand for EV chargers at your workplace

  • Have an OZEV-approved installer (US!) fit the chargers for you

You will also need to make these commitments for the 3 years following the installation date;
  • Maintain the installed charge points

  • Provide ongoing usage data to OZEV

  • Have full warranty on both the parts and installation

  • You must inform OZEV and the DVLA if a charger is taken out of commission or removed

  • You must keep all grant and works documentation (invoices etc.) and send this information to OZEV if required

  • You must approve of OZEV compliance audits

How the grant works:

The grant is a voucher-based scheme, you can apply online through OZEV's portal and once checks have been completed to see if you are eligible for the grant you will receive a voucher for the number of chargepoint sockets you have. Once you receive your voucher, you send it to us who will then remove the value of the voucher from the invoice to you.

To take advantage of these amazing savings, contact us today through the information below, at Helix-50 we can provide you with high-quality EV chargers which you can save on with the OZEV WCS grant.

Email - or call - 01302 439849


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