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There's no better time than right now to install EV chargers

Fuel prices have recently been soaring at a rate never seen before, so why not make the switch to EV?

Although it is typically more expensive to buy an electric vehicle than it is a petrol or diesel car, nowadays the savings you can make on other costs with EV simply make the renewable option the superior choice.

Fully electric cars are the cheapest choice in terms of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in the current market. This is thanks to the fact you won't have to pay a single penny of road tax when you switch to an electric vehicle, which could save you anything from 15 to 335 depending on the price of your vehicle and how far you travel.

TCO for EV owners is also notably brought down by the amazing savings you can make on fuel costs. A report by Jalopnik further backs up that the cost of EV charging is far cheaper than it is to buy fuel for a petrol or diesel vehicle, they calculated that you can save over 1,000 a year on fuel cost if you made the switch to a greener vehicle.

With all that said it should be obvious that switching to EV is the smart option. Plenty of customers and employees for many companies of all sizes across the country will be following this advice and will need somewhere to offer fast charging for their electric vehicles. So why not meet their demands and take the step into EV by having the best installers (us) fit some chargers on your properties?

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