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Why insurance makes EV the smart option in 2022

Back when electric vehicles were new to the market, insurance costs for them would typically much higher than that of a car using an ICE (internal combustion engine). Recently, however, it seems to have gone in the other direction. We found that a Volkswagen ID.3 would only cost £500 (for the average person who has already been driving for at least 10 years) in insurance per year, saving around £150 on average compared to a petrol or diesel car of similar value.

If you don't quite believe it just yet, here are some statistics from elsewhere. HeyCar found that Nissan Leaf owners paid £156 less on average than Ford Fiesta drivers, they also found that Vauxhall Corsa drivers paid 70% more on insurance than those who drive a Renault Zoe and that insurance costs for the Tesla Model 3's dropped 16% in just a year!

Furthermore, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) says insurance costs for electric vehicles have plummeted in recent years, due to more insurers for EV entering the market to try and meet the ever-rising demand that the market has been, and currently still is experiencing. So clearly electric vehicles are the cheaper option compared to diesel and petrol cars when it comes to insurance and other costs (we talk more about how EV is cheaper for other costs such as road tax in last month's blog post).

As a result, many people will be taking advantage of this and purchasing electric vehicles. Therefore, now is the best time to install EV chargers on your property as many customers that visit or your own employees will be making the switch to EV and need somewhere to charge their car while at your premises.

And who better to install EV on ur property than us at Helix-50! Contact us on the contact page here on this website or by sending an email or giving us a call through the information listed below:

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