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Why our SyncEV products are so good

While we do stock EV products from multiple leading brands at Helix-50 and our parent company smith bros, we want to show you why the SyncEV products we stock in particular are so incredible.

Who they are:

SyncEV was established in 2009 by two British entrepreneurs focussed on helping the planet through renewable energies. In 2015 they delved into the exciting world of electric vehicle charging, quickly becoming pioneers in the industry with the smallest EV charger on the market. BG SyncEV are part of the Luceco PLC Group, a worldwide and reliable manufacturer of LED lighting and wiring accessories.

What they offer:

Need an EV charger for your workplace or a client's property? Then why not take a look at Sync EV's excellent EVS7G, EVT77G, or the EVCP-7KW-S-1PH:32A compact charger. The EVS7G is a socket 7.4W wall charger with WiFi and smart functionality as well as no requirement for an earth rod, there is also the EVS7GG which adds GSM technology and the EVS7GGR which adds RFID technology on top of the wifi and GSM (RFID allows use of the charger without needing the app, and uses a simple tap of your card to start and stop the charging process.

The EVT77G is the tethered version and comes with 7.5m of cable and a type 2 connector, and similiar to the socket model, there is a GSM functional version which is the EVT77GG.

If a more compact model is what you're looking for, then Sync EV's EVCP-7KW charger is perfect for your needs. Although it is the smallest charger in the world, the EVCP still complies with all charging regulations as of 2022 and features WiFi, smart technology, RFID, and even GSM if you upgrade to that model. Again no earth rod is required, it uses a type 2 socket, and features an integrated RCD and PEN protection system.

Does this sound to your liking? Find out more at and/or


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